Super red Arowana sale

Super Red Arowana sale, This fish originated in Indonesia (Western Kalimantan Province). They are mainly found in the waters of Lake Sentarum and River Kapuas and is known to be one of the most popular Asian Arowana because of their beautiful red colors. The Super Red Arowana is so common than others such as Golden Asian Arowana and Cross Back. There are four species of red Arowana, Orange Red, Blood Red, Chili Red, and Golden Red Arowana. Their red color originates from the fins in young specimens which gradually move to the entire body as they get mature.

Super red Arowana sale

Super red Arowana Sale

Arowanas are extremely strong fish and are avid jumpers. They can easily knock a heavy glass onto the floor. Many arowanas have been reported lost this way. they will hardly tolerate poor water quality, so you have to make sure you have an excellent filtration along with frequent water changes of 25 %, more is required to keep nitrates down or low.

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This Arowana should be kept in low traffic areas to keep the Arowana from being frightened by sudden movements. Preferably dimmed rather than sudden turning off and on, such sudden action instigate fear in them and as a result, they can easily injure them self’s

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